The Paul Harris Club 711 Statement of Purpose: “Advocate, promote, and fund the preservation of Rotary history by fostering activities that capture Rotary’s heritage, telling stories of People of Action, and supporting Rotary’s Archives to inspire and engage others in  the legacy of Paul Harris”.

The Paul Harris 711 Club has members from around the world who are interested in preserving and telling Rotary’s history. During the 1980 Rotary Convention in Chicago, local Rotary members offered tours of Room 711 in its former location in the Unity Building. Later, they organized the Paul Harris 711 Club to continue supporting the room and the story it tells.

In addition to preserving Room 711, the Paul Harris 711 Club supports Rotary’s archives, which include thousands of photos, recordings, publications, documents, and objects that tell us about the people who shaped Rotary programs and illustrate the milestones and everyday events involving the organization and its members.