The majority of my life I have been involved as a public librarian so I really understand the value of “keeping the records” of any organization or business or even ones personal life.  The 711 Club is charged with this task.

Alice S.

The Importance Of Keeping Records

Every day,  Rotarians make the world a better place in so many ways.  As a tribute for over one hundred years of truly making a difference, I believe we should make sure we preserve the rich history of Rotary.  Being a member and serving on the board of the Paul Harris 711 Club allows me to personally take part in this process.

Mary Ann E.

Making a difference for over 100 Years

When I was asked to serve on the Paul Harris Club 711 board I said yes immediately.  It’s a “mission match” for me!  I’m a history buff and this gives me the opportunity to help preserve Rotary’s history.  It inspires me to be further engaged in Paul Harris’ legacy, taking it into the future.

Cathy Z.

To see our Future, Look to our Legacy

I am a proud member of the Paul Harris 711 Club.  To me Room 711 represents a place and time of historic significance – it was here that our founders first met and established what would become the premier service organization we know today.  Preserving and promoting Rotary’s rich heritage is important.  The Paul Harris 711 Club does that by supporting the room, sharing Rotary’s story and helping maintain Rotary’s archives.

Liz S.

A Proud Member of the 711 Club

I support Room 711 because I feel it is a responsibility of all
Rotarians to help preserve our past and to secure our future. Our
history is so rich and it needs to be preserved and shared with others.
Rotary is changing the world and we are all a part of that.

Rick T

Why I support Room 711

Having visited Room 711 at Rotary International was really a step back in time. Standing in the room transported me back to the origins of Rotary and “feeling” what it must have been like to visit with like-minded individuals to see what we could accomplish together.  Thanks to the original Paul Harris 711 club members for having the foresight to preserve this room!

Larry B.

Stepping into Room 711